Meet Muhammed Bello Buhari: The Winner of TALKAM...

Meet Muhammed Bello Buhari: The Winner of TALKAM Human Rights Article Competition 2021


Meet Muhammed Bello Buhari: The Winner of TALKAM Human Rights Article Competition 2021

March 30, 2021

Muhammed Bello Buhari is a youth activist and community developer whose work is focused on human rights, governance, social accountability, and igniting the potential of youths to drive social good. He has contributed in different fields of development and social domains like local development, human rights, social inclusion and development communication amongst other areas.

Growing up in Nigeria, Muhammed Bello Buhari saw firsthand how widening poverty can affect a community. Whether it was the misappropriation of public funds, a lack of basic infrastructure, high unemployment, or human rights violations, Buhari was aware of the issues surrounding inequality. “I realized that I was interested and determined to discover specific solutions to change this narrative,” He says. “My experiences molded me into an enthusiastic young man with a tenacity of purpose not only to learn the law but also to also fully understand how it can be used as an instrument of positive change.” This informed and influenced Buhari’s career choice to leave Engineering for Law. Currently, Buhari is pursuing a Law degree at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. He attended the famous Air Force Military School Jos where he received Basic Military Training and Secondary school education.


He holds the position of Director of Communication at Call A Lawyer Nigeria, Team Lead at Give North Education, and has collaborated and volunteered with different Civil Society Organizations on issues related to Human Rights, Good Governance, Education, and Civic Participation. He is a member of the Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL) – CSAAE, a 2020 fellow of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Nigeria ‘Open Minds, Young Voices’ Youth Activists Fellowship, and also a 2020 KECTIL Colleague among others. Through capacity building, he has made significant contributions to meaningful youth engagement and amplified young voices in the social and development sphere.

Muhammed Bello is passionate about grassroot activism & mobilization and he has participated in training courses in the field of Human Rights, Social Accountability, Women Empowerment and participation in decision-making. He regularly contributes op-eds/articles to various platforms, national publications, and social media platforms on issues of good governance, human rights, and youth participation. His goal is to partner with relevant stakeholders to involve greater numbers of citizens in local government matters and plans to mobilize his community to participate and influence decision making on pressing development issues.

As one of the participants of TALKAM Human Rights Advocacy Course, he participated in the 2nd edition of TALKAM Human Rights Article Competition and emerged the winner. 

You can read his article here: The Neglected Almajiri System and the Issue of Human Trafficking



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