Join The Movement

Do you want to get involved in monitoring, tracking, reporting, creating awareness, and speaking out against human trafficking, irregular migration and gender-based violence? Then join the movement by creating account on this platform and start taking action.

Read this Instruction and agree before joining the movement:

Joining the movement means:

  • You will be watching over your community/state to dictate human trafficking and human rights abuses, and report. You will be monitoring and gathering information about human trafficking.
  • You agree to detect and report cases of human trafficking, gender-based violence and irregular migration.
  • You have become a member of a community of advocates who wants to build a nation without human trafficking.
  • You will not in any way get involved in any act of exploitation/human trafficking, abuse of people‚Äôs right, and support any form of human rights violation.
  • You will conduct yourself in ethical, responsible and respectable manner, and not engage offensive speech or write offensive material.
  • You will not report incidences with bias or hatred, or with intension to harm people.
  • You will own the fight against human trafficking, gender-based violence and gender-based violence: This means you have agreed to willingly and selflessly take part in combating human trafficking in your community or state without demanding any financial or material benefits from us.
  • You will learn about human trafficking, irregular migration and gender-based violence. Please, it is important you visit to learn about human trafficking.

By becoming a member, you will:

  • Get regular on human trafficking
  • Learn more ways to take action and make a difference
  • Get free human trafficking education courses.

If you have agreed on the above, then register here: